Why Greenview

Islamic Curriculum

Value-based learning is fully supported by our Islamic Education. We use the Teach Your Child Islaam at-Tawheed series in our curriculum.  Teaching of Islaam is based on critical thinking techniques supported by Cambridge as well.  

Cambridge Syllabus

As a Registered Cambridge Centre, Greenview Islamic School follows the globally recognized Cambridge curriculum for Mathematics, English, Science and all other subjects.

Affordable Fees

Our fees are more competitive. Call us for more details.


The Mission of Greenview Islamic International School is to provide students with high quality educational opportunities that will prepare them for their future.

Our goal as an Islamic School is to produce good practicing Muslims who love the Religion and live according to high ethical values defined by Islam.



Students from 11 countries are studying in our school!!


Hotline: 03-22024228

Shah Alam: 019-370 2388   

Bangi: 019- 478 2388   

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