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Islamic Curriculum

Value-based learning is fully supported by our Islamic Education. We use the Teach Your Child Islaam at-Tawheed series in our curriculum.  Teaching of Islaam is based on critical thinking techniques supported by Cambridge as well.  

Cambridge Syllabus

As a registered Cambridge Centre, Greenview Islamic international School follows the globally recognized Cambridge curriculum for Mathematics, English, Science and all other subjects.

Affordable Fees

Our fees are more competitive.

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Visiting the school campus is important in selecting the right school for your child. That is the reason we take your school tour very seriously. Our Admissions officers will plan your school tour so that you get the maximum out of it. During your carefully crafted school visit, you can see the  infrastructure your child will be studying in.  


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Students from 15 different countries are studying in our school!!

No student gets left behind at Greenview

With a mission to ensure that no child would be left behind in their pursuit for academic excellence and self-development, a school community here has embarked on a programme to provide guidance to its students.


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