Message from School Director

Assalaamu ‘alaikum.

Since its inception in 2010, Greenview Islamic School has expanded rapidly to become an important provider of quality private international education in Malaysia. As a registered Cambridge centre, Greenview students benefit from a skilled based curriculum driven by content.

Supported by a pool of talented and caring teachers, parents are assured of a holistic education that develops the mind as well as the heart.

And what of the soul? Our comprehensive Islamic studies programme that emphasizes on understanding, gives the student the spiritual strength to overcome tomorrow’s challenges, inshaa Allaah.

Wabillaahit tawfeeq wal hidayaah,


Muhammad Azman bin Hamzah 
B.A (History) (SOAS,UK)

M.Sc (Management) (LSE, UK)

Message from Principal

We are delighted to welcome you to Greenview Islamic School. At Greenview Islamic School, we are strong believers of values-based education. We are focused on creating a positive learning environment where we fully concentrate on your child’s positive behaviour and reward this, so that in the long-run discipline is instilled in students internally.


We will work closely with you so that our students - your children - are eventually excited to do their homework or their chores – inshaa Allaah.

By synergising the best of Islamic tradition with the best in technology, our teachers and staff will help both your child and you attain a growth mindset to uncover their full potential in life, inshaa Allaah.


Mrs Azman


Message from Vice-Principal

One of the most important gifts we can offer to our children is a positive view of themselves. Without this gift of positive self-image, our children will struggle throughout their lives.  They will seek constant re-assurance from others, as they cannot see their positive qualities from within.


“If you change your thinking, you change your LIFE” is the core of holistic education.


In values education, we want to mould our children’s attitude and the way they think so that they can grow up to become Grade A persons and Grade A Muslims. No one is poor because he lacks natural resources or because nature was cruel towards him. Someone is poor because he lacks the right values in life such as self-discipline and self-correctness. He lacks the will to succeed and the commitment to achieving excellence.

In Greenview, we use the Positive Re-enforcement Learning Method to raise the self-esteem and self-ambition of every child under our care. In Greenview, we instill  the right Islamic valuesin our children by teaching that Islam is a religion and a complete way of life that is compassionate for all.


All the Best

May Allah bless the human society


Mr. Sayyid Hussain

Master and PhD in Islamic Studies (IIUM)

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